Sara Diba was born in sep11, 1980 in shiraz, one of the most ancient and historical places in Iran and also the home town of Saadi and Hafez,two world`s prominent poets. Her fatherwas originally from Zanjanin Turkic language and her mother was from Shiraz.

In a nice and friendly family atmosphere, she soon developed her keen interest in music. Having encouraged by the parents, she spent her childhood listening to traditional and pop music that werequite popular at that time.Singing and whispering those everlasting melodies made her attend in Master Hassan i’s solfege course in Shiraz. With her increasingly interest in singing, she sooninvolved in playing musical instrument such as santur, a Persian hammered dulcimer, on which, piano was built based it.She was only thirteen while she was learning to play traditional and world`s classic santur symphonies at Master Payvar`s courses.

Sara realized her interest in improvisation in playing e.g. creating melodies while playing.

In 2005, she felt there was no chance for her to peruse her activities anymore, so she moved to Californiato share her ideas and abilities in music and singing with Persian community in U.S.Spending three years practicing yoga and meditation in Shiraz medical science university, made her feel quite energetic and lively and very fond of peace and friendshipness before and after her migration to U.S.

Despite lots of difficulties, she is hopeful to introduce Persian music to people to make them happy and tranquilized.

That is a brief description of Sara’s life.

Finally, we promised this site will be accessed in Farsi with various parts in near future and assist you to access Sara’s new song.